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Suffering and Tragedy | In search of the man who broke my neck: Joshua Prager at TED2013

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Everybody at some point in their lives will suffer a tragedy. It’s just a fact of life here on this little blue planet that we call earth. Whether it’s a car crash, being diagnosed with cancer, or having a loved one die unexpectedly.

In the video above Joshua Prager tells the story of the bus accident that left him a hemiplegic at age 19, and his search twenty years later for the man who broke his neck. While I don’t agree with everything that Joshua Prager talks about in his TED presentation, his story and talk make you think.

So my challenge to you if you watched the whole video, is to think about how are you going to respond when tragedy and suffering come into your life?

“What makes most of us who we are most of all is not our minds and not our bodies and not what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens to us.” -Joshua Prager

-Roland K


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