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The Biggest Mistake of Her Life…

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My youngest sister is in drama and yesterday was her classes performance of sleeping beauty. Now one of the requirements of her being in drama is that our family needs to volunteer to help out with the production in some way. My dad has a covered trailer so instead of selling tickets, checking tickets at the door, or selling merchandise our family hauls the set from where they make it, to where they perform.


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So last night as we are finishing unloading the set two of the older guys from the class show up to help finish unloading and to close up the barn where they keep the set pieces. Any way my Dad hears the younger of the two say something about being hit in the head with a board. My Dad jokingly asks if the younger guy would like to be hit in the head with a board? The younger guy says something like “Maybe I should be hit in the head with a board.” My dad then asks “Why is that?” The younger guy then goes on to explain that one of his best friends through high school just got engaged to a guy that she only met a couple of months ago and they’re getting married in four months and that he thinks that she is making the biggest mistake of her life and can’t figure out why everybody is congratulating her about it.

Now from my point of view the younger guy clearly likes this Girl, I mean a blind man could see it! My Dad smiling says that maybe it’ll workout saying that he and my Mom got married right out of high school. Granted my Dad and Mom basically dated the last two or three years of high school, but I digress.

After hearing this the Younger guy restates that his best friend and this other guy have only known each other for a couple months and they’re going to be going to two different colleges. So as we are about to leave my Dad hops out of our van and walks up to the younger guy and tells him that he should “Buy twelve roses and then pay a kid to take the roses to this girl in his name when the other guy is with her.” The younger guy was in shock for a sec, but then he recovered sputtering “That’s awful, Why would I do such a thing?” While the younger guy is saying this the older guy was laughing saying that he was going to make the younger guy do it.

Is there a moral to this story? Well kinda, for the guys out there, if you are best friends with a girl don’t wait to ask her out! There is a lesson from this story that we can all learn from. That is, don’t wait to long to do something! I’ve done this many times, I waited for something to happen thinking that it would happen without me doing anything, and what I wanted to happen didn’t happen because I didn’t make it happen.

I don’t know how the story above will end, but my challenge to you is to stop waiting for something to happen and to go make it happen!!!

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” -Abraham Lincoln

-Roland K


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