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WordPress recommends having a regular posting schedule to get more followers. I figure what heck might as well give it a try. So starting today I will be attempting to follow the schedule presented below. Oh, and make sure you subscribe so you can keep up with all of the future happenings here at I Lived Fully!

Monday: Challenge for the week

Tuesday: Thoughts on life

Wednesday: Video of the week

Thursday: What I am reading

Friday: Musings and rants

Saturday: Life story of the week

Sunday: A surprise

Okay let me break down what each day will entail.

Monday’s I will be posting a challenge that will hopefully encourage and push us to live life to the fullest.

Tuesday’s I will be posting my thoughts on life.

Wednesday’s I will be posting a video from around the internet that I think is inspiring, challenging, motivating, or insightful.

Thursday’s I will be posting something about what I am currently reading whether it’s fiction or non-fiction and my thoughts on it.

Friday’s will be my catch all day for everything that doesn’t really fit in any of the other days.

Saturday’s I will be posting a story about something that happened to me or my family during the week.

Sunday’s… Well that’s why its a surprise!

As time goes by this schedule may and probably will change. When that happens I will update it as necessary.

-Roland K


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