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The Pillars of the Earth

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The book that I have been reading the most lately is Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth. I haven’t finished it yet, in fact according to my kindle I am only 36%. So far I am loving it!!! The setting which is medieval England, has been done countless times, but what makes the story of The Pillars of the Earth unique, at least in my mind, is that there’s no one antagonist. The events surrounding the characters and the actions of other characters are what drive the story. I won’t spoil anything , but suffice it to say that each event and action leads and flows into the next. Which in my opinion is the mark of a great story!

Something that has stood out to me while I’ve been reading The Pillars of the Earth is the idea of moving forward even during tough times!  Even when the world seems to be falling apart the characters keep moving forward. There are times when the characters have every right to give up hope yet they don’t, they push through and keep looking forward. This idea of moving forward during tough times ties in well with my previous post on losing hope.

I’m not done with The Pillars of the Earth yet so I can’t make a final judgment. But so far it has kept me engrossed with it’s story and believable characters. When I’m done reading The Pillars of the Earth I’ll post my thoughts on the book as whole.

-Roland K


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