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A Rant Against Fanboys

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WARNING!!! The following RANT may be offensive to some people!!! Reader discretion is advised!!!

So there is this phenomenon amongst “Fanboys” that their way, method, movie, music genre/band/artist, gaming console, car brand, tractor brand, airsoft company, etc etc is the BEST and ONLY way or thing!!! Now I personally have no problem with “Fanboys” but they can and do get carried away with their opinions!!! If that’s not enough they can and do try to force their point of view and opinion on others!!! Even if they know that the other person isn’t going to change their mind, they try and change it any way!!!


Okay, now that I got that out of my system I can elaborate and expand my rant. With E3 over and the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One coming out this holiday season. It’s gotten me thinking about how “Fanboys” responded to other “Fanboys” and to be honest “Fanboys” can be rather viscous! If you read through the comments sections of any given website or forum you’ll quickly see that some people are very opinionated and on occasion downright mean. Now everyone is entitled to their opinions and are free to express those opinions. I have no problem when some one gives their opinion on something when it’s well reasoned and thought out. My problem is with people who say something is better because all other options are stupid! For example, with the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One coming out there’s been a lot of talk about which console is better. Each has their own Pros and Cons, and I think that both consoles are really cool. Each console is just as valid as the other, but there are people who insist on arguing for the sake of arguing over which is better! Some of the comments I have read, in regards to the PS4 and XBone, are downright stupid, mean, and viscous towards the other console. What’s ironic is that sometimes the things that people say online are things that they would never say in really life. Granted there are people who say things online that they would also say in really life.

If you are a “Fanboy” please realize that your opposites have just as valid a opinion as you do. Commenting and posting stuff online gives you anonymity, so you have the freedom to say and do whatever the heck you want. But, the question remains of should you? So here’s some food for thought. Before you comment on something online think about why you commenting on it. Are you commenting to be encouraging, helpful, and informative? Or are you just commenting so that you can look cool?

-Roland K


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