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Last year my brothers and I backed the OUYA android powered console on Kickstarter. I backed one and my brothers backed another. Now the thing to know with Kickstarter is that the date that people say stuff will be ready by is relative and subject to change. Now, as the date when the OUYA came and went my youngest brother became highly impatient and frustrated. He would check Reddit several times a day to see if anybody had any updates on what was going on. As the days turned into weeks and then months, he started saying things like “The said that it would be out by this date!” or “Why are they keeping people in the loop!” This week my youngest brother turned fifteen, and for his birthday he ordered a new airsoft gun, as well as some new airsoft gear. Now when we ordered his stuff the website where we ordered it said that it wouldn’t come until the day after his birthday. My little brother was fine with this. However, the day that his stuff was supposed to come UPS was late. It wasn’t super late but it was late and my little brother again got impatient. Now in both cases my little brother could do nothing to speed up the arrival of our OUYA’s and his airsoft stuff. He knew this and yet he still got impatient. When our OUYA’s and his airsoft gear finally did arrive he was perfectly fine and dandy!

His impatience got me thinking. We live in a culture of instant gratification. We want things now!!! We don’t take time to sit and enjoy the view as it were. Now I am just as guilty of being impatient as my youngest brother. Though the things I am impatient about are different than his. There’s nothing wrong with getting something right away. But when you go for the instant gratification you can sell yourself short. For example, you could get a hamburger at a fast food place that’s okay, it might not be the greatest burger but it satisfies you for awhile. Or you could go to a restaurant that has the best burgers in town and get a massive burger that has everything on it with a huge pile of fries on the side. Of course you would have to wait for the burger and fries, but it would probably satisfy you for the rest of the day. Now hamburgers are probably not the best analogy, but I think it makes my point. When we want things now! We settle for second best!

To go along with that idea. There are somethings in life that you just can’t rush! So when we are waiting for something that can’t be rushed, we have a choice. Will we wait patiently or impatiently? When we try and rush those things, there can and will be consequences to our actions! I’ll be honest waiting patiently is hard! There are times when I’ll go for the burger from the fast food joint because I want it NOW!!! But the times when I did wait patiently the results were far better then when I rushed things.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” -Jean-Jacques Rousseau

-Roland K


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