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God Is Not An Elephant

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When we are hurt by someone either physically, emotionally, or verbally we tend to hold a grudge. We hold it inside of us, we relive that moment of hurt over and over again until it makes us bitter. I know I’ve done it plenty of times, and it’s hard to let go of that hurt. So the question to ponder is. Do you become an elephant when others hurt you? Are you going to be like an elephant and not forget? Holding onto the hurt until it makes you bitter. Or are you going to let go of the hurt? Saying to yourself “I could remember and hold onto this until it makes me bitter, but I’m not, I am going to forgive them, move on with my life, and not let the hurt control me.” Forgiving someone who hurt you doesn’t mean you trust that person. It just means that you won’t hold it against them in the future. If God forgives us and doesn’t remember our Sin. What right do we have to be elephants, and hold a hurt against someone?

-Roland K


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