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TED Weekends says freedom is only half the battle

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Hyeonseo Lee’s story of her escape from North Korea is Incredible. My favorite part of her story isn’t her escape, but the kindness of the stranger who gave her £645.
-Roland K

TED Blog

Hyeonseo Lee’s story is a tale bound to pull at your heartstrings. She’s a North Korean refugee — and while helping her family flee the country in 2009, Lee’s mother and brother were detained in a Laos prison. [ted_talkteaser id=1694] At TED2013, Lee described how it was an enormously generous gift from a stranger that helped her family to safety.

This week’s TED Weekends on the Huffington Post takes a look at this moving story and considers the latest twist in the tale. After Lee’s TED Talk was posted, a television station tracked down the stranger she spoke of and reunited the two on air.

Below, find three essays from TED Weekends, thinking more about Lee, North Korea and personal kindness in the face of desperation. It’s a reminder to us all to see individual stories amongst wider political issues.

Thu-Huong Ha: The Story of an Incredible Escape from North Korea

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