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We all have a voice. We all have something to say. Yet how many people go through life without saying anything? Most people will keep quite and not say anything. Letting those who they think are better speakers do the speaking for them.

Six months ago if you told me that I would be writing a blog I would have laughed at you! I never considered myself a writer until about two months ago when I discovered my voice. Ironically I discovered my voice when I was working on a school project for one of three online classes I was taking at the time. Each of the classes I took involved a fair amount of writing. Writing has never been a strong point of mine, my hand writing is horrendous, and my spelling and grammar are okay. Spell check is probably one of the most useful inventions since the wheel, sliced bread, and the light bulb. But I digress. In the middle of my classes I discovered that I enjoy writing! More specifically I enjoy writing when I am distilling information and/or presenting my thoughts on a given topic or idea.


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Now I have a mild form of something called dysgraphia. It’s like dyslexia but instead of having trouble reading I have trouble with writing things down on paper. Because of this my Mom basically gave up trying to get me write anything when I was about ten, whenever she tried to get me to write anything it was a struggle for me. Due to my dysgraphia I also struggled with spelling and grammar. Though as I have gotten older my dysgraphia has lessened, and my spelling and grammar have improved exponential, though my hand writing is still horrendous. Because of my dysgraphia I had never thought writing for fun! So for me it came as a shock when I discovered that I could write and write semi well, at least I think so.

I have to give credit to my Mom for putting up with me and my siblings. Each one of us have different learning strengths and weaknesses. For example one of my sisters is a genius when it comes to writing. She intuitively knows what the problem is with a sentence or paragraph. But on the flip side she is terrible with math. Don’t ask her to do anything harder than basic arithmetic and even that is hard for her. Or take my brother. He’s a wiz when it comes to building things, he sees an object in his head and he will be able to reproduce it in some shape or form. But he also has dyslexia and all of the struggles associated with it. Because of my siblings and my own differing learning styles my Mom has over the years been able to help out other homeschooling moms as they have struggled with their own kids learning strengths and weaknesses. Over the years my Mom and to some extent my Dad have helped me and my siblings find our individual voices.

So why am I sharing the story of my struggle with dysgraphia? I share it as a way to highlight the fact that we all have a voice we just need to find it. The cool part is that we all have a different voice. Both in terms of what we say and how we say it. I found my voice doing the very thing I loathed!

Your voice will be different than mine. It could take the form of photography, making music, writing a blog, or even making YouTube videos. The possibilities are endless! Whatever it is it will be unique to you! So now go and find your voice! Who knows you might surprise yourself!

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.” – Maya Angelou

-Roland K


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