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An Anomaly


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So about a week ago my visitors and views suddenly spiked. As you can see in the picture above on July 24th I got 206 visitors and 432 views. Over the next couple of days the number of visitors/views drops back down. What’s interesting is that all of the views and visitors were on my post “it’s not about the nail.” Based on the stats page for that day it looks like this was caused by someone liking it on Facebook and someone emailing it to friends. Anyway I share this as a example of what can happen when someone who is the center of a social network shares something online.

I am 100% positive that this is just an anomaly as the average number of views on my other posts hasn’t gone up at all.

-Roland K


2 thoughts on “An Anomaly

  1. That’s crazy, but cool. Oh, and think you mean “an” anomaly…

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