I Lived Fully

Living Life to the Full


We all have a story worth sharing. Our lives are incredible tapestries of victory and defeat, sorrow and joy, love and loss, opposition and triumph, and of life and death. Imagine how boring life would be if everything was positive all of the time. The bad things that happen to use are what give our lives color and make them unique to us as individuals. Life is also a choice, we can either embrace all of it, both the good and the bad. Or we can sit on our hands complaining about the bad things that have and are happening to us.

Hi, my name is Roland.

I was born 1992 in Salem Oregon to two of the best parents in the world. Now, I know a lot of people say that, but it’s true and I wouldn’t trade my parents for anyone else. I grew up as a missionary kid in Mexico where my parents served as co-directors at a orphanage for five years. After which we moved back here to the States. I was home schooled from elementary through high school. I am currently working on finishing my B.A in History after which I’m planning on attending a local university and getting a Master’s degree in Business Administration.
My passions in no particular order include reading, airsoft, history, video games, legos, technology, movies, board games, and hanging out with friends.

I started I Lived Fully for two reasons. The first is to encourage others and myself to live life to the fullest. The second reason is that I want to live every day to the fullest. So that on my death bed I will be able to say to myself I lived a life worth living for the glory of the one who made me.

– Roland K


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