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Flash Flood

Hey, everybody quick update. On Sunday  we got about an inch if rain in about ten minutes at the ranch and it caused several flash floods across the ranch. On top of that it also hailed during the same storm that caused the flash floods. So Monday me and my dad drove to the ranch to see how bad it was.

Thankfully the damage from the flash floods was minor. It basically moved a bunch of dirt from the hills into the fields next to said hills. The field that was hit the worst by was a field that we just planted a couple of weeks ago.
However the worst damage was caused by the hail. It shredded the alfalfa that we were about to harvest in a couple of weeks. One of the neighbors who has lived in the area for sixteen years told me and my dad that he has never seen a storm like the one that happened on Sunday.

While everything was and is a mess. It’s been cool to see my dad’s response through it all. His response to the flash floods was “what happened, happened. Time to cleanup and move on.” Instead of focussing on all of the damage. He broke the problems into more manageable pieces. For example, there’s a lot of debris in the fields. So instead of picking everything up all at once we’re going to pick up the debris in stages. First the bigger tree branches and chunks of wood, then the rocks, finally the piles of mud. My dad has also been working on how to prevent it from doing as much damage next time something like this happens. Even if it’s twenty years from now.

The reason I share all of this. Is because if you’re facing a problem or a disaster in your life. I encourage you to take a step back, get some perspective and then break the problem into smaller pieces. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

-Roland K

P.S I’ll be updating this post with pictures when I get home.