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A Strange Week

This week has been a strange week. There are moments in our lives when we experience a turning point. It’s when something happens that we didn’t expect, and for good or for ill we cannot go back to way it was before, no matter how much we want to go back. I experienced such a turning point this week. It was rather unexpected, and has left me questioning what I want from life. Not in a bad way, but it has made me think about what is important in life.

the turning point

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Something that I have come to realize this past week is that when opportunity knocks I tend to talk myself out of it. I look for reasons why I shouldn’t follow through with the opportunity. While there’s nothing wrong with coming up with a list of reasons against something. It becomes problematic when the only arguments being used are straw men. The main reason I try to talk myself down even when my arguments can’t hold water is because I want control. I want to know where all of the variables are before I make a move.

Going back to the turning point I mentioned at the beginning. There’s been a lot of back and forth going on in my head as I try to wrap my mind around what has happened this last week. While there are still some reservations on my part I am excited to see where I am going to end up.

So if you’re wondering what this turning point is, you’re going to have to wait patiently. Over the coming weeks I will be posting hints. Sometimes they will be obvious and other times not so much. I’ll start things off with an obvious hint. It’s not my trip to North Carolina. Don’t worry I will be posting more details on my trip in the coming weeks. I am really excited to travel to NC and its going to be an adventure.

-Roland K


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As One Journey Ends Another Begins

No I am not shutting down the blog. So don’t run away screaming in panic. However, as of Friday I am done with my bachelor of arts degree in History!!! I am really happy and excited to be done with my B.A!!! The only downside is that I won’t be getting my diploma until December. But, with one journey over another begins.

This fall I am going to be traveling for a couple of weeks with an old friend of my parents. In October I am going to be doing a week-long trip with him to North Carolina. Followed at some point by a two to three-week trip overseas. My parents friend has even offered to help set up a year-long round the world trip if I am interested. I will be posting more about the trips as I get more information. Suffice it to say that I am really excited about the opportunity to travel with a gentleman that I have deep respect and admiration for.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”-Chinese Proverb

-Roland K