I Lived Fully

Living Life to the Full

The Definition

So, I figure that if I’m going to write about living life to the fullest I probably should define what I mean by the statement “Living life to the fullest.” Here are a couple things that I think are part of ‘living life to the fullest’

  • Looking for and seizing every opportunity
  • Challenging yourself to go outside of your comfort zone
  • Having an impact on those around you
  • Taking risks and going all in, and not holding anything back
  • Maintaining hope in whatever you are doing and not giving up when things get tough
  • Not dwelling on past mistakes and failures

You might define living life to the fullest differently then how I have defined it, and my definition is by no means all inclusive. I suspect that as I continue to write in this blog my definition of living live to the fullest will change. When I think of something to add to my definition I will add it here.

-Roland K


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